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As a creative studio, we offer a wide range of professional services to help give your business the visual edge it deserves.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Get found on the web

Search Engine Optimisation is the process of improving a website’s search engine rankings (e.g. on Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft’s Bing) by using relevant, targeted keywords, among many, many things. The aim is to gain more traffic to your site and ultimately, more business.

We know how to ethically get your website to naturally rank better and produce more visitors, which in turn creates a greater return of investment. Among the methods we use are creating clean, standards-compliant code that focuses on user accessibility, applying effective meta information and keywords, informative SEO friendly content and external/internal linking strategies.

All of our websites include our Essential SEO package to help get your website found organically (i.e. not through paid results) on Google. We also offer a Premium SEO package to give your website an extra advantage in ranking higher.

For more information on our Search Engine Optimisation packages, contact us.

Google AdWords & PPC Campaigns: Increase your exposure

This is a cost-effective way to advertise online and great for new websites that need more time to rank high organically. Google AdWords are the little ‘Sponsored Links’ advertisements displayed alongside organic search results on Google, and across the growing Google Network.

With Google AdWords, you can target individual users who are searching for products or services similar to yours. What makes AdWords so cost effective is that you can pay as little or as much as you like on your selected keywords and only ever need to pay when a user clicks on your ad.

Our experienced staff are able to implement and monitor your Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign or, if you prefer, advise you how to optimise your account on your own.

Call us on 03 9421 2291 to find out more.

Email Marketing & Newsletters: Direct mail to their inbox

Email marketing is similar to traditional direct mail marketing in that it directly talks to your prospective customers with a targeted message. However, email marketing campaigns are much more cost-effective because you can send messages, promotions, newsletters and information to members of a mailing list online, saving money on printing, handling and postage.

We can help to make your next email campaign jump off the screen, ultimately maximising your brand awareness and ROI.

Why don’t you get in touch to see how we can help you?

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