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As a creative studio, we offer a wide range of professional services to help give your business the visual edge it deserves.

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Web design: Standards-based XHTML & CSS

Specialising in high-end web design, we make use of the latest web-based technologies to create one-of-a-kind, standards compliant websites that target your market audience and engage your visitors with stunning visual designs.

Whether you’re looking to give your business an online presence for the first time or you need something more complex – like a database driven site – we can make it happen!

Koodoz Design offers a selection of packages and web modules to get you started. Our popular Get Online pack is perfect for small and start-up businesses wanting to get a web presence. We also offer a Shop ‘til You Drop pack, a complete e-Commerce solution for selling your products online. Or choose our You’re In Control pack, which gives you the flexibility to add, remove and edit content on your site through a fully customised and user-friendly CMS.

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Logo Design: Corporate Identities & Branding

The power of a good logo is, quite simply, amazing. Through a combination of the right shapes, colours and type, a well-designed logo can truly express a company’s identity. But what really gets our juices flowing here at our Melbourne graphic design studio is the process and methods in which logos are conceived.

We start with a selection of keywords that typify the company or brand. These evoke lucid brainstorming that gradually manifests into hand-drawn sketches and doodles. From these initial ideas, rough concepts are formed, culminating into thought-provoking pieces of ‘miniature art’. At Koodoz Design, we really love turning a somewhat ‘ordinary’ business name into an Identity with a capital I. In fact, listening to the clients we’ve given a unique new sense of self, we dare say we’re pretty good at it!

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Graphic Design: Unique & Compelling Designs

Graphic design is the heartbeat of our creative core. Every well-thought piece of design we craft is a labour of love. Regardless of your preferred style —be it minimalist, white space or wild splashes of colour, experimental typography or clean, crisp, corporate imagery— we’re confident we can create a design that will positively portray the right message to your market.

Our experience over the years has allowed us to produce amazing designs for a wide range of printed media, from business cards and stationery, brochures and annual reports, packaging and apparel to magazines and billboard advertising.

Have a look at our portfolio or call us on 03 9421 2291 to find out more.

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