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The New Guy!

written by Rhett Luciani

08 Feb 2012

bench+bikesI thought I’d take this opportunity to tell all you fanatic Koodoz followers a little about myself and my first impressions of working with the talented people here at Koodoz.

A Brand New Studio

It’s been an exciting time to get onboard, that much is for sure. Not only are there an abundance of very cool projects in progress (and on the horizon), but we have also moved into a fantastic new studio space, after much debate named House of Commons. Along with a couple of other web businesses, we have combined to create an excellent web design and development space, and everyone is working together beautifully. Over the Christmas break I got stuck into painting, repairing, cleaning and constructing (while 2 other nameless chaps had a lovely trip around Australia) and everything is really starting to take shape nicely. The finishing touches will be happening over the next few weeks, and we look forward to the completion and being able to show off our space to everyone.

New Challenges

For myself, coming from the solitary confinement of freelancing and less-than-inspiring in-house positions, this is exactly what I’ve been after. I was looking for a new challenge and to surround myself by like-minded people, and my design abilities and workflow are definitely benefiting from the change. I’m getting to work on a huge variety of projects all within the space of a day – anything from websites and brochures to logos and ads. It’s quite a fast-paced work environment compared with what I’m used to, and it certainly prevents things from getting boring! I’ve learnt a lot about where I am design-wise in the past few months thanks to the mentorship of Marc and Daniel. I am becoming more confident in my design abilities, and my web development skills are taking a huge turn for the better – a great result so far. I look forward to coming to work each morning and I leave each day knowing that I’m learning loads and improving my skills. Now if only I could beat them on the ping pong table – after boasting in my interview that I’d be the new champion within 3 months… it’s not looking good!

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2 Responses to “The New Guy!”

  1. Beth Cregan: 8 February 2012

    Sounds like a great start! Looking forward to seeing the space- it sounds fantastic!

  2. Hassan: 1 March 2012

    Good luck to you Rhett! Looks like you found a wonderful place to work.

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