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The evolution of the Koodoz Business Card

written by Marc Katsambis

20 Jul 2011


After the dumb struck success of our long-standing recycled box board and letterpressed business cards (image below), it was time for a change. Following the relocation of our office, we needed a quick and dirty fix to state our new details. Subsequently (and with great reluctance), the move also meant we had to throw out boxes and boxes of unused cards!

In an effort to prevent this mass amount of wastage happening again, we thought we’d try our hand at the age old art of DIY, by having some quirky, custom made stamps made so that we could individually press our contact info onto pre-cut box board cards. Sounded like a great idea! Not only would we be doing our part to save the earth, but we’d be able to produce uniquely individual cards every time. Little did we know this cost-effective and waste reducing method would be such a tricky and time consuming chore. Needless to say, after hours of hand braking stamping, we needed a better solution.

old-koodoz-card Koodoz-BusinessCards-FrontandBack

Let’s do something special

A couple of months ago, we decided to attend the 2011 FOWA conference in Las Vegas, and having not had a card for several months, we figured that now was as good of a time as any to get our act together and create something special that we could hand out to our North American counterparts. Coincidentally, as we were thinking of creating a new card, we received a visit from our K.W Doggetts paper rep (Thanks Neale!) who seduced us with some gorgeous Rives Design paper samples. Totally smitten by this sexy stock, and after much deliberation, we decided to stray away from the recycled paper vibe we had been using for so long and try something a little more schmancy.


Finding inspiration

With the conference creeping up, we needed to start considering the design of the card. Often a tricky process to portray the style of your business in a 55mm x 90mm area, we reached out to the usual suspects for some design inspiration, including Creattica, Lovely Stationery and Dribbble before deciding on a design which will now be forever known as ‘The Koodoz Sandwich’. Now with the design settled, it was time to find a printer who could help us out in creating our idea and turning it into something really memorable.

Lucky for us we didn’t have to look too far to find the right guys for the job, with Taylor’d Press just around the corner, they were able to envisage our idea and brainstorm with us to create a solution that would make our card unique and unlike anything else they had seen or done.


The ‘Koodoz Sandwich’

Not too dissimilar from a Big Mac, Club Sandwich or 3×3 from In-n-Out Burger (Yum!), The Koodoz Sandwich is a three tiered combo of 320gsm Red Plike wedged between slices of 350gsm Rives Natural White, glazed with a 1 colour dollop of PMS 186 and finished with a custom forme-cut garnish of our infamous Koodoz ‘k’ to reveal the juicy bottom layer of Rives. Bon app├ętit!

A big shout out to James and Kirsten from Taylor’d Press for all of their help and expertise in creating a fantastic result!

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4 Responses to “The evolution of the Koodoz Business Card”

  1. Jacqui: 21 July 2011

    I cant wait to see it!

  2. Marc: 21 July 2011

    Bugger. I should have shown you yesterday when you dropped by. What a douche!!

  3. Paul: 5 October 2011

    The ‘Koodoz Sandwich’ – but can you “tuck and fold’?

    New cards are nice, but who did the old cards?

  4. Marc: 5 October 2011

    @Paul – Hey man. The guys over at Chapel Press in Brighton, VIC did them for me.

    Having said that, you could probably find someone who offers the same service in Brisbane. Just look for printers who offer ‘Letterpressing’.

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