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Finalist in 2011 Australian Web Awards

written by Marc Katsambis for the Awards section

15 Oct 2011


Koodoz Design is chuffed to have been nominated for Australia’s biggest Web Design Industry award – The 2011 Australian Web Awards for best eCommerce Website.

After submitting the Camp Luxe website earlier this year, we were recently notified that our submission was selected in the top three Australian websites for the eCommerce category. A very exciting bit of news for the crew at Koodoz!

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Koodoz Koffee Kups for Khristmas

written by Marc Katsambis for the General section

21 Dec 2010


What time of the year is it? Khristmas time!

The age old question was upon us again this year – “What kick-ass gift can we give our clients in 2010?”

As some of you may know, we recently relocated Koodoz HQ to the design hub of Richmond, Melbourne. Since settling in to the new office we’ve found ourselves flourishing in this incredible creative environment.

We love the energy of this great little area! Not only are we surrounded by like-minded creative types and boutique industries, but we also have a plethora of excellent eateries and coffee houses at our disposal for our morning caffeine hit. Yes, we have become self-confessed coffee snobs.

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Social Media or Shmocial Shmedia?

written by Marc Katsambis for the Web Design section

18 Jun 2010

Facebook Dude

On the social…

Love it, hate it or have no clue about it, Social Media is well and truly got its claws into the backbone of the internet. Buzz words like Web 2.0 and Social Networking are now common speak for internet folk, and sites such as Facebook and Twitter are as much as household names as Hoover and Kleenex.

And it seems as though it’s here to stay. Even the naysayers, who at one time suggested that these social sites were just a fad, would have to admit that social media is still going strong and is even on the increase. Read on!

@Font-Face Woe with WordPress & Firefox

written by Marc Katsambis for the Klog section

31 May 2010

Font-Face problem with WordPress and Firefox

Another arrow for the web designers quiver…

The @font-face CSS property is a relatively new kid on the block, and it’s supported by all the major browsers, even IE7! All in all it’s a fantastic tool for web designers to embed fonts into their websites, and it out-does the aging methods of image replacement and sFIR Flash Replacement.

Even though it’s not that new, it looks like there’s still a teething problem or two out there. Read on!

Blue logos – we get you!

written by Daniel Angel for the Web Design section

19 Nov 2009

A man wearing shades. He's making a gesture of disgust which makes the picture very funny. His shades reflect red, green and blue light.

Via Digg, I recently found a magazine scan from Wired Magazine that arranged corporate logos (I’m guessing from Fortune 500 companies) by their dominant colours. Unsurprisingly, a visible majority of those logos are blue. I’ve been wondering why people seem to like blue so much. Think about it: most operating systems are dominantly blue by default (bad ubuntu!). Heck, even denim jeans — western society’s greatest achievement — are predominantly blue!

Now I think I know why we tend to like blue so much: it’s because we’re really bad at it. Allow me to explain… Read on!

Koodoz Design recognised by The CSS Awards

written by Marc Katsambis for the Web Design section

04 Nov 2009


Three cheers to us, for being voted Site of the Day and nominated for Site of the Week at The CSS Awards website, a site that features some of the best CSS websites in the world from the top designers, agencies and bloggers working today.

Since launching the new site, Koodoz Design has been featured in some of the industry’s most renowned and popular CSS and Web Design galleries and blogs, including Smashing Magazine, Noupe, Abduzeedo, Design Shack and CSS Mania Read on!

Newspaper Style Columns With (and Without) CSS3

written by Daniel Angel for the Web Design section

26 Aug 2009


One of the coolest features of CSS3 is the ability to create newspaper-like columns on your layouts without any extra markup. We always find ourselves “cheating”, using things like <div id="column-one"> which is not very good, so this property would save us a lot of time and unnecessary code.

CSS3 solves all this with the use of some really cool properties: column-width, column-gap and column-rule. I guess they’re pretty self explanatory, except for column-rule which basically behaves like a border in between columns, so it can be treated like one, using width, style, etc. If you need more details, you can go to the source. Read on!

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