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Typeface the film

written by Marc Katsambis for the Typography section

20 Jan 2010

Screenshot from the design of the Typeface-promo website

It’s official. We’re back from our summer break and after a couple of weeks in the tropical climates of Vanuatu, I’ve managed to come back with a few added shades of pink to my now shedding epidermis. Hard to believe how quickly it has gone, but it’s now time to get back into the groove.

To kick off the new year, I thought I’d spread the word about a documentary called Typeface. A quaint film about Hamilton Wood Type Museum, a museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, that tells the story of a bygone-era in Typography and the fading art of hand-making letterforms. Read on!

Topographic Typography by Ork Posters

written by Marc Katsambis for the Typography section

26 Oct 2009

San Francisco - Gold

I just have to tell the world about these amazing posters I bought a couple of days ago. I found them via one of my fav haunts for cool stuff.

After doing an extensive amount of travel through the US of A over the years, I’ve always had a soft spot for some of their well known cities. So when I saw these very cool screenprints that illustrate the main suburbs of metropolitan America in type, I just had to get me some.

To brighten up the empty walls of our office, I bought myself three posters from Ork, one of the city that never sleeps Read on!

Poor Punctuation in Public Places

written by Marc Katsambis for the Typography section

13 Jul 2009

Just saw this terrible display of poor punctuation at my local KFC. The signwriter should be ashamed and the franchise should be embarrassed enough to fix it.

Seen any other pathetic displays of improper punctuation or grammar that’s worthwhile showing?

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Steve Jobs illustrated entirely by Mac fonts

written by Marc Katsambis for the Typography section

07 Jul 2009

Steve Jobs by Dylan Roscover

This little ditty came to light a little while back (via Gizmodo) whilst we were updating the site. So I’ve been keeping it in my ‘Things to Blog About’, until the blog was back up and running.

Read on!

Font Fight, a Typographic Sequel

written by Marc Katsambis for the Typography section

28 Jun 2009

It’s an all-out typeface-off in College Humour’s sequel to Font Conference

51st Grammys poster promotes Thom in type

written by Marc Katsambis for the Typography section

26 Jun 2009

Thome Yorke in Type Just got wind from AtEaseWeb.com that Thom Yorke is featured as one of the promo posters for the 51st Grammy Awards. Read on!

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26 Jun 2009

Jay-Z on iLike – Get updates inside iTunes Check out the new music video for Jay-Z’s ‘Brooklyn Go Hard’ featuring Santogold. Read on!

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