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Our Field Trip to… Field Trip!

written by Rhett Luciani for the Graphic Design section

06 May 2012


A week or so ago, we took a little well deserved time off and made our way to the Field Trip design conference at ACMI. I was super keen to see the methods used by the very talented designers that were presenting, and compare them to my own. So we shuffled in, rummaged through our bag full of goodies, and sat down to see the first presentation. I’ll give you a quick overview of each speaker and tell you what I took away from each presentation…

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The evolution of the Koodoz Business Card

written by Marc Katsambis for the Graphic Design section

20 Jul 2011


After the dumb struck success of our long-standing recycled box board and letterpressed business cards (image below), it was time for a change. Following the relocation of our office, we needed a quick and dirty fix to state our new details. Subsequently (and with great reluctance), the move also meant we had to throw out boxes and boxes of unused cards!

In an effort to prevent this mass amount of wastage happening again, we thought we’d try our hand at the age old art of DIY, by having some quirky, custom made stamps made so that we could individually press our contact info onto pre-cut box board cards. Sounded like a great idea! Not only would we be doing our part to save the earth, but we’d be able to produce uniquely individual cards every time. Little did we know this cost-effective and waste reducing method would be such a tricky and time consuming chore. Needless to say, after hours of hand braking stamping, we needed a better solution.

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Don’t Shoot! We’re Messengers

written by Marc Katsambis for the Graphic Design section

28 Oct 2009


It’s getting awfully close to Christmas now… only 57 days if I’m not mistaken. Which means you have approximately 50 days before it becomes socially unacceptable to send your Christmas cards to clients, friends and loved ones.

With that seed now firmly planted, you’re probably starting to freak out about what kind of cards to send out this year. Should you go with the glossy, foil stamped, glitter encrusted Santa Clause motif? Or perhaps the super-witty, comical kind that, you know, makes everyone laugh (Ho, ho, ho!)? Hmm, so many choices. So little time. What on earth will you do?? Read on!

33 of My Favourite, Free Graphic Design Resources

written by Marc Katsambis for the Graphic Design section

07 Aug 2009

After doing a little spring cleaning through my bookmarks the other day, I realised that over the years, I have collated a stack of great graphic design resources. Figuring this would be a great topic for The Klog, I collated 33 of the best and most commonly visited sites that I use for improving my designs, skills and workflow to share with the rest of the design community. Enjoy.

Fonts & Typography


1. Dafont.com

Da original font source! dafont.com is one of the biggest and best sources for free, original fonts for Mac, PC and Linux platforms with and excellent font preview system and a very organised, categorised menu of available font styles. Read on!

Melbourne City gets a new logo

written by Marc Katsambis for the Graphic Design section

22 Jul 2009

New City of Melbourne logo

Hot off the press. Melbourne City Council has just unveiled their new $240,000 logo. The newly launched brand, developed by Landor to replace the previously dated design from the 90s follows in the footsteps of the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre’s logo.

Already described as an incarnation of MTV by Monash University’s Francis Farrelly, this new logo presents itself as a prism-esque monogram of the letter ‘M’ with sharp, shard like edges creating a striking 3-dimensional effect. Read on!

Designer Wear For Designers

written by Marc Katsambis for the Graphic Design section

16 Oct 2008

I Heart Cmd+Z I just stumbled across this great site. It looks like they’ve got some pretty cool designs that I wouldn’t be ashamed to wear. I especially like the above I Heart Cmd+Z/I Love Undo shirt!!

America Is F*cked… (Graphically at least)

written by Marc Katsambis for the Graphic Design section

06 Sep 2008

Heres another little diddy I stumbled across today. A short snippet from a doco called Draplin vs. USA by Jess Gibson. Please be warned, this clip contains a lil’ bit of ‘French’.
America Is F*cked…….(Graphically at least) from Jess Gibson on Vimeo.

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